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    Get Closer with Bob Sadino



    Get Closer with Bob Sadino

    Post  siongirl on Thu Nov 15, 2012 10:14 pm

    Arguably, Bob Sadino entrepreneurship as "destitute". Bob does not come from wealthy families like most other entrepreneurs. But he actually started his business from the bottom up to eventually become a successful entrepreneur and well known.

    After graduating high school in 1953, he worked at Unilever as an ordinary employee. As he worked, Bob continued his studies at the Faculty of Law University of Indonesia. Then he worked at McLain and Watson Coy, since 1958 for 9 years and wander down to Amsterdam and Hamburg.

    After marriage, Bob and his wife decided to settle in Indonesia. This is where the adventure begins. He is determined to not be an employee who always ruled boss. What dilakonina jobs, ranging from taxi drivers to construction laborers with wage of Rp 100 per day at that time.

    Bob had depression until one day a friend took to raising chickens. From business raising chickens, Bob got the inspiration, "that if the chicken can only fight for life, can reach the target weight, and lay eggs, of course, any human being can also", since that's when he began determined to entrepreneurship.

    As a breeder chickens in general, Bob is also selling an egg a few pounds from stall to stall. Verbal abuse from customers is also not immune from experience when it sells.

    But he realizes that he is the service provider and must provide good service to its customers. That is the turning point in his life from a feudal attitude becomes servant, which he regarded as an extraordinary capital strength he ever had.

    With tenacity and perseverance, in one and a half years, he already has many customers. Subscribers also growing because Bob always maintain the quality of chicken eggs it sells. Indeed, Bob is known to have a weak brain. With the ability to speak a foreign language, he managed to get a foreign customer of foreign nationals who stay in Kemang area, home to Bob at the time.

    Bob's business was developed into a supermarket, and then he began to diversify their merchandise. Bob sells salt, pepper, and others who eventually penetrated into agribusiness, especially horticulture. He manages a lot of gardens contain vegetables, consumption of the people of Japan and Europe.

    Bob believes that every successful step is always followed by failure, entrepreneurial journey is not as smooth as people think. For him money is not the main priority in entrepreneurship, which is important is the willingness, commitment, courage to take the opportunities that exist.

    Bob finds that while implementing something our mind develops, the plan does not always have the raw and rigid, what is in us is the development of what we have done. This world is too beautiful to be destroyed, only to disappointment because someone does not achieve something already planned.

    The weakness of many people is too much thinking makes the plan so that he did not immediately step. In entrepreneurship, what matters is action. Bob The success is inseparable from ignorance, so he immediately jumped into the field, after experiencing the ups and downs, Bob eventually became skilled and master the field.

    According to Bob's observation, many people who start from the science of thinking and acting sophisticated, arrogant, because they feel has the knowledge more than others. Bob was always flexible and willing to listen to the customer suggestions and complaints of customers, so that with his attitude that Bob won the sympathy of customers and able to create a market.

    Experience a successful businessman Bob Sadino may inspire us all, that entrepreneurial success is a process, where it always stuck in the process of failure. Not easily discouraged will make us stronger to get through the process


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