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    Rollaas Kopi Luwak




    Rollaas Kopi Luwak

    Post  rollaas on Mon Sep 28, 2015 8:43 am

    Rollas Kopi Luwak or Rollaas Civet Coffee is coffee made from superior quality Java Coffee berries which have been eaten by Asian Palm Civet or Luwak which feeds on the raw, Red Arabica coffee berries on the island of East Java the Indonesian Archipelago.

    Luwak do not digest the inner bean of the berry, which instead are excreted and handpicked by locals the partly digested coffee beans from the excrement, washed by montain spring water, sterilized, sun dried and roasted.

    Rollaas Cafe is part of PTPN XII business unit, agovernent owned Agriculture Company engaged in the plantation commodities, so the originality is well maintained.

    Striving for the best quality of Kopi Luwak, PTPN XII provides a hygenic environment for the wild civets, and routinely maintains a balanced diet and medical checkup to ensure these "producers" are in top health.

    Brewing from syphon, a continous tube that allows boiled water to drain from a glass container that is ready to be served at Rollaas Cafe , Luwak Coffee at Rollaas Cafe dispalys rich aromatic flavor with unique aftertaste and balanced body acidity. Only 2 Tons produced each year in PTPN XII that makes Kopi Luwak the most expensive coffee in the world.

      Waktu sekarang Mon May 28, 2018 2:59 pm